kde-cvsbuild shell script

What's this?

kde-cvsbuild is a GPL'd bash script grown over time to make the task of updating the kde sources, configuring, making, installing all packages as easy and unattended as possible.

It is designed to build the files in an other directory than the sources, runs in the background, logs everything to a file to investigate the output and can even shutdown your computer, if you want to go sleeping after starting this script ;-)

What's new?

As I am getting too much spam recently I am now deliberately blocking all yahoo and hotmail addresses. If you happen to have such an address and still want to be able to contact me, ensure to include the word kde-cvsbuild exactly as written somewhere in the subject line.

For a list of news have a look at the project page.

Where can I get it?

The project is hosted now at SourceForge. See the project page for latest news or download the latest release.



As I cannot afford to spend much time on the development of kde-cvsbuild I am not doing any regression tests before new releases but superficial testing based on the settings I use for kde-cvsbuild. However, I am trying to thoroughly test newly implemented features so that there should be no showstoppers in a new release.

What I do test

kde-cvsbuild building the following packages:

As you can see I am only compiling the minimum configuration needed for a useable KDE. Compiling these five packages should not cause kde-cvsbuild to fail. If it does, consider the following in that very order:

  1. KDE CVS is broken
  2. kde-cvsbuild has a bug

Most build errors are caused by a broken KDE CVS snapshot. Most of the time the snapshot of the day to come builds without errors. Should the same build error in different KDE CVS snapshots persist for more than one week a bug in kde-cvsbuild could be considered. In this case please inform me about this attaching the last output log lines leading to the build error.

What I do not test

Everything that is not dealt with in the previous section. This especially excludes kde packages other than those mentioned above like kde-network or kde-multimedia.

I will not find any bugs related to the compilation of non mentioned packages unless you submit a bug report (using the sourceforge form or by mailing me). If you include a patch fixing the bug I will include it in the next release of kde-cvsbuild, otherwise the bug remains known but unfixed. Please assure that any submitted patches work as I will not test patches depending on packages I do not compile.

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